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Birth and Death

Those who recite or listen to Ramayana never fall in to the well of mundane existence.

Be not a moth to lust 'o mind. Abandoning lust and pride worship RAMA and enjoy the company of saints ,you can easily cross the ocean of birth and death says TULSIDAS.

SRI RAMA, the slayer of demon Raavana, will grant all the desires of those men and women who constantly listen to RAAMA's praises, the remedy for the disease of transmigration.

A recital of virtues of RAMA bestows all blessings. Those who reverently hear them cross the ocean of mundane existence.

The Lord rewards with everlasting victory, wisdom and worldly prosperity to those who listen to the story of RAMA. This age of kali is home of impurities. There is nothing to fall back on this age other than the name of RAMA.

TULSIDAS says :I tell you my considered view and my words can never be untrue; men who worship RAMA are able to cross the most turbulent ocean of mundane existence.

The name RAMA is an unfailing remedy for the disease of birth and death and alleviates the three kinds of terrible pain.

Blessed is the family, worthy of adoration for the whole world and most hollowed too in which is born a humble devotee of RAMA, who can cross the ocean of transmigration.

He who seeks devotion to RAMA or to enjoy the eternal bliss should fondly drink the story with the cups of his ears.

It is RAMA and RAMA alone ,who else can compare with HIM as a disinterested friend and bestowed of eternal Bliss. No where we can find a Lord like RAMA, by an iota of whose grace, one can easily cross the ocean of birth and death.

There is no one so miserable as I nor such a friend of miserable as you 'O' RAMA! Realising this RAMA take away my fear of transmigration which is so terrible.

May you be ever so dear to me RAMA, as woman is dear to lustful man, and money is dear to greedy, 'O' RAMA.

The glorious, holy, purifying blessed and most limpid MAANASA lake of RAAMA'S exploits ever brings happiness. It bestows both wisdom and devotion. It wipes out dilution, infatuation and impurity and is brimful with water of love .Men who devoutly take a plunge in to it are never scorched with the burning rays of sun of worldly illusion; so they easily cross the ocean of birth and death.