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Work and live as an act of offering to achieve immortal fame and complete satisfaction of having a successful life. Remember you are the child of immortality and that all life is but an offering. Never forget that the nectar-honey of the flower of mercy is for those who sacrifice, and the life offered is the life accepted. Let the sacred flame of divine fire shine brightly in your soul.

O LORD, help us in overcoming sin, carry us across the turbulent river of adversities, as if on a boat.

We pray to the Supreme Lord to be with us. May peace, quickened by our prayers be with us. May the Goddess of Divine speech grant us peace. May the mighty celestial powers grant us peace by making us pure and virtuous.

Teach us, O Lord to follow the path of austerity with dedication,diligence and perseverance. Bless us that we be worthy of being loved by our teachers. Enable us to live the full span of life enjoying bright intellect.

O man, rise up from this lower level of life. Do not sink in the pit of darkness.Cast away the bonds, the fear of death that holds you down. Do not be frustated in this world. Shine like the flame of a blazing fire and glow like the radiant sun.

He is desireless, serene, immortal and self-existent. He lacks nothing and is satisfied with essence. Any one who knows this serene, ageless,yet ever youthful, Supreme soul fears no one not even death.

With draw from all troubles and struggles of your life as you have reached the last stage of your life journey.May the earth and heaven be compassionate towards you. Harbour no enmity for anyone in your heart. You need not fear any one. May you live the rest of your life in peace.

Give prominence to intellect over emotions. God has placed your emotional heart and logical mind in one body. Do not be swayed by emotions, nor be carried away by mere logic. Obtain inspiration from the heart,guidance from the brain and go ahead with steady steps. Try to develop your intellect on the same principles which your enlighted and inspired seers followed.

GOD says O man kind, I bind you together towards one objective- the welfare of man. Join together with mutual love and goodwill. May you all share the comforts of life equally. May you accomplish your work with mutual accord and finally may you, in the pursuit of your ambitions at all time, engage in working together with good will.

May our inward thoughts conform to our outward actions. Carefully observe the ways of those that are virtuous and righteous. Follow the path laid down by our sages. This path will lead to happiness and heavenly bliss.

Do not die, O man, live on to ripe old age. Live with heroic spirit with strong will power. Do not fear death. He who is brave, invincible, resolute and steadfast wins the battle.

The law of providence is such that the wealth earned through evil means is scattered away. The wealth earned through pious means flourishes. Those who earn through dishonest means are destroyed.

Continue fighting against sins till the end. Virtues and sins are eternally bound together in the human body. When the divine arcitect planned and fashioned the human form, all the evils and virtues entered the mortal frame and made it their home. Theft, wickedness,thirst and hunger live there with truth, wisdom, contentment, nobility and faith. Joy and grief, jelousy and love,amazing darkness and glorious brightness are all woven in the cloth of one human soul. Thus it becomes complete by opposite qualities. This soul walled within the mortal body is called Brahman.

O ALL-WISE Lord! Guide us to that free world, where dwells immortalising divine lustre, and where the radiant light of wisdom,the sun shines and where peace reigns. O Lord your arms are wide and strong. May we feel secure under YOUR infinite shelter.

Man's paradise is on earth. This living world is the beloved place of all. It has the blessings of nature. Live in a lovely spirit. Do not die before your assigned time. Remember anything which is born must die. But do not die a thousand deaths before your destiny calls you.

The Supreme Lord is too near to be abanded. Too close to be witnessed. Behold the nature's splendour and the Lord's divine poetry. Both are beyond decay and death.

HE is one and one forever remain alone. There is no second in God. Such is the greatness of the liberal Lord.

Offer reverence to the Lord of Destiny who with HIS sharp edge of justice severs the bondage of life and death, liberates us from it and then delivers us to