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See unity in diversity. Behold one divine form in multiform. HIS virtue is immense and HIS glory is unparalleled. Everything exists under HIS control.

HE is one who shines with out fuel. The worshippers adore HIM. HE gives the soul vigor and heroism.

HE speaks words that bring joy to divinities and men. HE grants power to men HE favors to make them divine and perfect seer.

Seek HIM every where for all is with in HIS reach. HE knows everything for HE is full of wisdom. HE determines what is to be done. HE fulfills all our aspirations. HE is the source of all nourishment, vigor, intelligence and strength.

By HIS grace the sages realize HIM through deep meditation and sincere devotion.

GOD, bless that my virtues and deeds conform to YOUR wishes. Let my love for you rise above my ego. Bless me to break the barrier between You and me. Let there be no me or mine, only you and yours.

The man who is protected by GOD becomes free from all vices and attains eternal wisdom.

I am standing in the deep waters, yet I feel thirsty. O Blessed Lord, have mercy, remove my thirst and bless me with happiness and contentment.

all wise GOD, You always protect the devotee in times of conflict against those who are strong and evil.

Nature's beauty is an art of GOD. Let us feel GOD through nature.

An idle mind is an easy prey to evil thoughts. In the process of self-realization, evil desires are automatically consumed and destroyed.

Lord, grant us inspiration to devote our life to the service of humanity and work for the welfare of mankind.

Supreme Creator, grant us spiritual strength and purity, so that we may never be tempted to commit sin and be guided by your light. Help us the to rest all our life in the clasp of Your everlasting arms and earn the right to be recipients of worldly joys.

Lord, am I worthy of your love again or am I lost? Let me be with you face to face, O my beloved Lord, let my cup of happiness be filled to the brim. Let me encounter you and converse with you, whenever I search my heart in my dreams.

Adorable Supreme Lord, those parents who offer oblations to GOD are blessed with the privilege of bringing up brave and fearless children.

The man who has firm faith that GOD is abiding with in the heart of every man finds enough strength to surmount and bear the greatest tragedies with a contented smile.

The inspiring soma, the divine love, dispenses the six evils, lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride and jealousy, weakness from whom no one is exempt. Let the Blissful force of divine will awaken my inner spirit from sleep.

The human body is the temple of GOD. One who kindles the light of awareness with in gets true light. By concentrating the mind the inner vision is illuminated. The joys of life are not for those who keep their mind unclean. The mysteries of life are revealed to one who keep his mind alert all the time. The sacred flame of your inner shrine is constantly bright and glowing.

Offer reverence to the punitive power of God. Like sharp blade it serves the binding rope of life and death. The feelings of tender love are hidden beneath this piercing blade. It liberates us from the bondage of desires and temptations and guides us to the path of righteousness. The sharp edge of this pain-giving blade cuts the knot of life's entanglements. Be grateful to the Lord of death, the destroying power of God, as HE delivers us to death once again for ultimate salvation.

Too much wealth makes man greedy and slave to sensuous pleasures. It makes him extrovert and darkens his inner vision. Desires unfulfilled give rise to grief and this fulfillment causes greed. Thus he feels miserably thirsty even standing in the deep sea of wealth. The raging waves of worldly riches surround and submerges his senses, but he fails to quench the thirst of his soul. He runs after countless mirages in search of peace but all in vain. At last he prays for God's love which will satisfy all his cravings. He cries Lord release me from these shackles of exhausting sensuous pleasures and gives me ever-lasting peace.

Awake, divine people awake! God helps only those who work hard with vigor and courage.