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Some Doha's I Enjoy

Rama! You are the life of life ,the soul of soul, and the joy of joy. Those who like to be in their home away from you, are under the influence of an adverse fate.

No one can speedily know this secret (BHAKTHI is the fountain of all blessings) of Sri RAMA but who ever comes to know it by HIS grace ,can never fall a prey to infatuation even in a dream.

"O" men , abandon your varied activities, sins and diverse creeds, which all give birth to sorrow, and with genuine faith "says Tulsidas." be devoted to the feet of RAMA.

Bowing my head to all I lay open my terrible distress before you .Unless I behold RAMA's feet the agony of my soul shall not go.

I have no liking for wealth nor for religious merit not for sensuous enjoyment nor again do I seek the state of perfect and perpetual calm. Birth after birth let me have devotion to RAAMA's feet; this is the only boon I ask and not else.

There is no one so miserable as I nor such a friend of the miserable as you, "O RAMA". Realizing this "O JEWEL Of RAGHU's race ,take away my fear of transmigration, which is so terrible .May you be ever so dear to me RAMA, as women to lustful man, and money is dear to the greedy, 'O' LORD.

I tell you my considered view and my words can never be untrue men who worship RAMA are able to cross the most turbulent ocean of mundane existence.

Blessed is the family ,worthy of adoration for the whole world and most hallowed too, in which is born a humble devotee of the illustrious RAMA.

HE who seeks devotion to the feet of RAMA or to enjoy the state of eternal bliss should fondly drink in this story with the cups of his ears.

There can be no happiness for a creature nor can its mind know any peace even in a dream so long as it does not relinquish desire, which is an abode of sorrow, and adore RAMA.

Having heard of your fair renown I have come to you with the belief that my LORD dissipates the fear of rebirth . Save me, save me ,"O" RAMA, reliever of distress, delighter of those who take refuge in YOU.

Lastly he who wants nothing at any moment and bears natural affinity to YOU incessantly dwell in his mind for that is YOUR own Home.