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The present age is marked by the growth of materialism, which is mistaken as true happiness. Material advancement is recognized as the goal of life. Gratification of the senses is looked upon as the highest form of bliss. People have begun to regard God and religion as superfluous and openly indulge in all sorts of blasphemy. Talks of self-realization, cultivation of devotion etc. are declared as useless for the progress of nation or community. Nevertheless, even this furious storm of unbelief raging all round in the world has not been able to shake the solid foundations of the spirituality raised on this sacred land of India by the sages and seers of old. It is very unlikely that they would be ever shaken. In the spiritual environment of India a genuine seekers of truth and aspirants of a devout temperament are still found. It would be reasonable to hope that people will derive spiritual benefit from such seekers of truth.

Man should never waste even a moment of his time. Man does not realise the need for liberation from bondage because of the lack of faith in the other world and God, and want of understanding of the true glory of God-realization. That is why he thoughtlessly wastes his time of human existence in pursuit of blind desire for worldly happiness with out realizing the truth that such happiness is nothing compared to God's realization. Man should therefore devote most of his time to the realization of the infinite Bliss viz God.

A true light on the path of God-realization can be shed only by a person who has himself realized God, who has known HIM, who lives in HIM and through whom God manifests HIS will. One should have faith that God exists. He who longs for God's sight is sure to see HIM. He who is firm in his faith in meeting God will surely meet HIM. The LORD has the most tender disposition. Anyone who takes refuge in HIM can realise HIM even the person is a worst sinner. The very thought of God rids one's of all the sins.

God is supremely compassionate and loving by nature. He can not bear the sight of others suffering and none can equal HIM. God is so benign and kind hearted. He who comes to realise the kind heartedness of God becomes kind hearted himself. He who sees God in all beings never loses HIS sight. Liberation is brought about by self-realization. The Vedas have prescribed various methods for attaining it; such as disinterested action, meditation and knowledge of self act; which can be practiced at all times by all. Salvation is not something impossible to achieve in the present age.