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The Summary of Bhagavad-Gita

The Gita or the Bhagavat Gita as it is popularly known in Hinduism, is a set of lessons that were taught to the Pandava Warrior Arjuna on the eve of the battle of Kurukshetra. It forms a part of the great story of Mahabharata. The lessons are given to Arjuna by Lord Krishna, who is considered to be the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu. On the eve of the battle, Arjuna, facing a huge army and looking at the enemies, decides that he will not fight his own cousins in battle and kill anyone even in the course of war. Lord Krishna then teaches Arjuna on the conduct of a warrior and how Arjuna would be failing in his duties as a warrior by not fighting his cousins, who failed to protect Dharma and uphold justice. Lord Krishna's teaching include how a man must do his duty and protect dharma and fight evil so that goodness and justice always prevail over the lands. Lord Krishna's discourse is given as eighteen chapters in the Bhagavad Gita. They include guidelines on living a pure and happy life, enriching ones spiritual needs and showing the means to attain God.

Lessons from the Gita

Wise men do not sorrow over the dead or living.

Soul is eternal.

The unreal has no existence and the real never ceases to exist.

The soul neither kills nor get killed.

Death is certain for the born and rebirth is inevitable for the dead.

Do your duty with out attachment.

The mind which is free from passion, fear and anger is called stable mind.

The mind that neither rejoices nor recoils when it meets good or evil is stable.

He who has given up all desires, attachment, egoism and thirst for enjoyment attains peace.

GOD takes birth from age to age to protect virtuous and to punish the evil doers.

He who acts, offering all actions to GOD and shaking off attachment, remains untouched by sin ,like lotus leaf by water.

The omnipresent GOD does not receive the virtue or sin of anyone.

Everything happens for the best.

He who sees GOD present in all beings, never loses HIS sight. He also never loses HIS sight of him.

Mind is restless, but can be controlled through meditation.

GOD is the supreme goal, supporter, lord, witness, abode, refuge, well-wisher seeking no return, origin, and end, resting place, store house and imperishable seed.

GOD brings full security and personal attention to those who constantly think of HIM in a disinterested spirit.

GOD delightfully accepts even water when offered with love.

Know it for certain that HIS devotees never fall.

Who takes refuge in HIM attains the supreme goal.

Those who fix their mind on HIM, be devoted to HIM, worship HIM, linking themselves with HIM and depending on HIM, goes to Him.

HIS devotees ever remain contented and take delight in HIM.

He is the universal self seated in the hearts of all beings; so He alone is the beginning, middle and also the end of all beings.

Those who fix their mind on Him will easily cross the ocean of birth and death.

If you can not steadily fix your mind on GOD, then seek to attain HIM through yoga of repeated practice.

Get rid off I and Mine to attain HIM.

Realizastion of GOD is the true knowledge.

Satva drives one to joy; Rajas to action; while Tamas, clouding wisdom, incites one to error as well as sleep and sloth.

Wisdom follows from Satva,greed from Rajas, obstinate error, stupor and also ignorance follow from Tamas.

We have come to this world with empty hand and we have to go back with empty hand.

Surrender to the LORD is the best means of attaining SALVATION.

Take refuge in HIM alone, by HIS mere grace you will attain supreme peace and eternal state.

Where ever there is BHAGAVAN KRISHNA ,there is Arjuna; where ever there is BHAGAVAD-GITA, glory ,victory, and unfailing righteousness are there.

He who hears the Holy Gita with reverence is liberated from sin.