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There is no parallel to HIM, whose glory is truly great.
I now realize the presence of the Almighty Lord, the universal entity, and the one who is self-illuminated and radiant like sun. He is beyond all darkness; with this realization, now I fear not even to death. I proclaim, this is the path, the only path to salvation, to the glory of life, the eternal bliss.

May this mind of mine, which is the source of highest knowledge, which guides men like a good charioteer, by which all the benevolent works are prompted and conducted through seven sense organs, in which all thoughts of the living world lie interwoven, which travels too far whether I am asleep or awake, resolve on what is noble.

O LORD of peace! May there be peace every where; may the entire divine and material forces be merciful to us. May all the forces of material and spiritual world be benevolent to us. May peace itself bestow eternal joy on us.

O Supreme Lord endow me today with that divine vision which the enlightened and realized ancient sages enjoy.

O Lord of the universe, grant me freedom from misery, depression and insecurity. Enable us to overcome our inner feelings of enmity.

Enable us to realize that God ever keeps us in a state of eternal joy; inspire us to experience fulfillment of all our aspirations. O Lord bless us that we resolve to offer all at the feet of the Blissful Lord to obtain HIS blessings.

Knowledge of eternal truth leads to eternal peace and bliss.

By means of yoga and meditation we achieve knowledge, power and beauty. SupremeLord with eternal light, might and sight bless us.

O God, help me to put an end to all physical desires of the maligned body. Bless that I may qualify to partake of the nectar of immortal love.

O Supreme Lord, make me firm and resolute like you. Bless that all may look on me with a friendly eye and I also look on others likewise. May we experience complete harmony among us.

O man, do not be afraid of performing your duties. With courage and conviction, follow the path of Dharma. Endowed with strength, honor and valor, may you obey your God assigned duties and be happy.

Never speak harsh words, let not bitter words escape your lips any time, keep them far away. Recognize your own inherent power that may cause to infuse in you all the virtues of the universe. Let the pure joy embrace you in its fold of intense love forever.

Behave with others as you would with yourself. All are part of that universal soul. Persons who love all never feel lonely. The divine qualities of forgiveness, compassion and service will make him lovable in the eyes of all. He will experience intense joy through out his life.

Find the eternal object of your quest with in your soul. You are searching for ages in ignorance and groping in helplessness. At last when you find the object of the search with in your heart, your inner vision is illuminated in this new realization.

Rise above your material desires to the path of spiritual experience and beholds the divine light guiding you towards eternal joy. O God help us to keep evil thoughts far from us. Through rigorous discipline and strict austerity let me burn my passionate desires.

Divine Guidance of the Vedas gives everlasting peace and prosperity. Make our mind imbibed with Divine vision. Teach us to know that we are the messages of the Divine will.

O wedded couple, may you in this life be wise, benevolent and have to inspire all to follow the vedic way of blissful life. The yajna of the wise surely guides the man to a happy family life and wedded bliss. Prayers to the Lord bring joy to all.

Now this body of mine is ready to turn in to dust; the vital breath goes to meet the breath of the universe. May my immortal soul blend with the universal soul. O pious devotee! Meditate on AUM and recollect your deeds and pious aspirations.

Attain self-control and firmness by obeying the commands of Supreme Lord. Never defy them. O Lord enable us to dispel our ignorance through patience and perseverance.