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The Man lives on hopes and faith in God. At every stage particularly in modern days, he has to face several risks, hazards and challenges. If he does not have belief that some one unseen is protecting him, he will be worried and there by suffer from mental torture. The air he breathes is polluted and the food he takes may be contaminated. Who protect him from the ill-effects of these factors? Is there safety when he travels? Still he continues his routine, not realizing that a Superior unseen Force takes care of him and the entire humanity. That Unknown, indescribable Supreme authority is called God. Those who repose trust in Him and entrust themselves seeking His protection will be saved while others will get tossed about in life, but they too will one day realise that God alone can be their constant companion.

There are some people who hold the view that GOD is a mere concept. But careful thought would reveal their ignorance in the true nature of God. The real never ceases to exist. God is the only real ultimate source of energy; who is knowledge and bliss combined and is called by several names. He does not change even when everything change. God is eternal truth and knower of everything. He is intelligent power. God alone knows what He is. Besides Him, the God realized soul who has known the reality about Him may give some indication of what is reality.

God shows HIS mercy on every one, administers justice without partiality and loves all equally. With out belief in God it is not possible for any one to investigate His nature and without investigating His true nature one can not get an insight in to it and one can not attain lasting happiness without knowing God. Faith in God stimulates a desire to know His virtues, loving nature and greatness. An endeavours to repeat His names, to meditate on His nature; and to hear and dwell on His virtues wipes out one's sins and helps him to attain Bliss. Those who have faith in God do not indulge in immoral acts. Those who sincerely believe in God have always succeeded in life. Even today those who believe in God and approach Him in a dedicated spirit are seen flourishing.

The Vedas, Puranas and scriptures are useful only when there is faith in God, for all aim at establishing His existence. He is the illumination of all lights and beyond the darkness of ignorance. He is the very embodiment of the wisdom. He is seated in the hearts of all. God is the supreme soul who is free from five afflictions, namely ignorance, egoism, attachment, vengeance and all sorts of desires. God is the truth, knowledge and bliss combined. The various descriptions of God with form and without form, God with attributes and without attributes, God as manifest and un manifest are all correct and in correct. They are correct in the sense , those who strive for God realization with their eyes fixed on Him as described by the saints and holy men. the Vedas and other scriptures are enabled to realise Him. And they are incorrect in the sense that really speaking God is different from what has been described to be, for words fail to describe the real nature of Him. It is proved beyond doubt that God is beyond change, unborn, imperishable, eternal and unquestionably true and unique.

God can be known only by experience and not by experiment. For this constant practice of spiritual exercises is essential .Genuine cultivation of human qualities and adherence to basic virtues will lead one towards God. God lies dormant in the heart of everyone. He should be awakened. The human body is the temple of God. The heart is the sacred place where God resides. The lips which utter the names of God form the entrance. The sense organs are the lamps lit in the shrine. God resides in our mind which should be kept clean. Bad thoughts are bound to creep in ,they can be removed by upholding righteousness . Gita enables us in our journey through life by outlining our charter of duties. The essence of God's declaration is that every one should do only noble deeds. Only pious thoughts should fill our hearts. There should be no room for hatred. Do your duty with out attachment leaving the results to God. Be for certain that HIS devotees never fall.

Younger days are more conducive to developing devotion and be of service to God. When the body is firm, words flow without falter, mind takes quick decisions and eye sight is sharp, a person should think of God and adopt measures to lead him to God's vicinity. such a tendency to God minded should arise, not from suggestions made by others but by one's own will.

It is true that every one of us is eligible for the sight of the Lord with Supreme love and intense yearning. God's names are not mere words but contain the potency to clean all the dirt with in us. God is impartial , ever merciful and always ready to help and protect us. God is our eternal companion who is ever ready to extend HIS grace. May all of us be blessed with HIS divine grace!